Listed below are few benefits of using biotechnology in cultivating crops.

More Crop Productivity

In the agriculture field, biotech methodologies have helped to boost the crop productivity by introducing some disease resistance and increased drought tolerance to the crops. Additionally, genes from naturally drought-resistant seeds can be utilized to boost drought tolerance in lots of crop varieties. For instance, Cornell University is promoting two varieties of papaya seeds i.e. SunUp & Rainbow. By utilizing these seeds farmers cultivated more papaya in the year 2013. This proves that biotechnology plays a significant role in productivity.

Increased Crop Protection

From past couple of years farmers are utilizing the crop protection technologies since they require to get the cost-effective solution for pest control problem which was uncontrolled. To avoid this issue, farmers started to use protein from soil bacterium i.e. Bacillus thuringiensis can be used from decades because the active component for a few natural insecticides. Also an effective crop protection technology are accustomed to control pests in a better way and cheaply available than any technologies.
Micro- propagation for plants

Framers were facing major problems from pest and diseases which was out of control. Mainly for banana plants it cannot be solved through pesticides. Further disease will spread to the newest banana plant that springs up could possibly be diseased as well. To overcome this issue, Biotechnology research centre introduced Micro-propagation method to resolve this problem. This process involves heat-treating technique to destroy infective organisms and then tissue-culture generates new disease free plants.

Biofortification Technology for Rich Nutrients

Biofortification technology involves the procedure of developing nutritionally enhanced crop plants. This gene is accountable for enhanced nutritional levels for crops through conventional breeding technique. Farmers utilize this technique mainly to boost protein content in maize and iron content in rice. In 1989, American university is promoting a nutritionally enhanced potato with double quantity than normal potato.

Improvements in Food Processing

Biotech methodology in improving the meals processing involves genetic engineering technology. It is used to replace calf rennet in cheese making. This benefit includes increased purity, reliable supply and 50% less reduction to yield high efficiency.

In terms of we utilize the biotech methods, how big the farm is immaterial. So irrespective of whether you cultivate crops in backyard or in a large farm. The main element is to have a biorational method for cultivation to develop not only healthier plants, but in addition to protect our crops for future generation.

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